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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Cool Robot Saves Canadian Seniors Time and Money!

New Innovative Robot Vacuum Saves Canadian Seniors Time and Money!

Since vacuuming with a traditional vacuum cleaner is not advisable for many Canadian seniors, they often opt to get a robotic vacuum cleaner for their homes. 
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Unfortunately, the round robot vacuums miss a lot of dust in the corners. If this dust and debris are not vacuumed up it can add up to big expenses in asthma and allergy medications Thankfully there is a new robotic vacuum cleaner out now that can get into those corners due to its new innovative design! This new innovative robot vacuum tops other robot vacuums in many ways- winning accolades from some of the toughest reviewers out there
Like who? How about Popular Science?
Text reads: Best robot vacuum with mapping technology Popular Science
Popular Science Robot Vacuum Rating

Yes, Popular Science actually rated this robotic vacuum "the best robot vacuum with mapping technology"!
Have you seen this robotic vacuum cleaner yet?

This post has information on this new robotic vacuum cleaner as well as savings links that will be changing frequently, so bookmark this post and watch for the sales! 
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image-Neato Robot Vacuum. Text reads: neato The ultimate cleaning machine, Shop Now
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Canadian Seniors Discover Neato Robot Vacuum Difference

I was so excited when I discovered how neato robot vacuums are different from other robot vacuums. I had watched a robot vacuum in action at a friend's home and saw what a great help it was in keeping the main part of the floor where her toddling grandchild was playing, but one concern she voiced was that it really left a lot to be desired when it came to vacuuming in corners.
The neato D series of robots with HEPA filters get right into the corner. While these D robot vacuums have been around for a while, they are new to me, so they may be new to you too. 
image shows all parts of  Neato Robot D9 Vacuum for Medium-Sized Homes
Neato Robot D9 Vacuum for Medium-Sized Homes

Neato robots just keep getting better and better with each new level. The newest neato D robot vacuum is a D10!
So why did Popular Science rate Neato robot vacuums so highly? One reason could be that Neato Robot Vacuums work on LIDAR - the same mapping technology used by self-driving cars. Unlike other robot vacuums that use camera-based technology for navigation, neato Robots can even work in the dark.
Neato currently manufactures several different robot vacuums that get right into the corners. Each of the new models can be tried for 30 days risk-free in your home and ship free to the USA when shipped directly from the factory., If you vacation south of the border, you might want to order one of these right away to take advantage of the special sales pricing that is on today.

If you do not have a winter home in the USA, that's okay, you can get a free USA mailing address and have it forwarded to you through USA Go Buy. When your shipment arrives in the USAGoBuy warehouse, you will get an email informing you of the forwarding fees. Shipping fees are calculated by USAGoBuy on a combination of the weight and dimension of your packages.
On the other hand, you could also choose to peruse a few of the new, used, open box and refurbished neato Robot vacuums here on eBay that ship to Canada.

Which Neat neato Robot Vacuums is Best for You?

Choosing the right equipment for your home can be daunting at times, but the neato robot vacuum site has a cool online tool to help you choose just the right robot vacuum for your home. 
image shows pencil drawing of neato D robot vacuum Test reads: Find your neato robot vacuum Take the quiz!
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Neato Robot Savings Links

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