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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Canadian Seniors Save With Healthy Breakfasts!

How Can Healthy Breakfasts Save Canadian Seniors Money?

When Canadian seniors and their families can start their day with a good easy to make, nutritious breakfast, it sets them up for greater success. Anything you can do to reduce morning stress definitely makes a better day, and greater savings on anti-anxiety medications, or other things we might use to self-soothe or self-medicate. One way to have less morning stress is to prepare everything ahead of time - including your breakfast!
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Image shows Holos overnight granola
HOLOS Offers Organic Overnight Muesli

Why Canadian Seniors Love HOLOS Organic Overnight Muesli

Canadian seniors have joined celebrities in their praise of HOLOS Organic Overnight Muesli after seeing it featured on television shows such as: City Line, CTV Morning Live, Le Soleil, futurpreneur Canada and best health.
HOLOS Media Banner Text reads: HOLOS - Our Product-Our Story-Our Blog-Shop  In the Spoltlight Cityline CTV Morning Live Le Soleil futurpreneur Canada best health

Here are a few reasons HOLOS has become an overnight sensation.
  1. Canadian seniors love HOLOS because it is a Canadian company!  HOLOS from the Greek holo meaning "whole" was founded by Chris and Sam who collided at the Canada School of Natural Nutrition.Charles brought his background in finance and management to HOLOS along with his passion and enthusiasm for the Organic Overnight Muesli and HOLOS was launched across Canada!
  2. Canadian seniors love the HOLOS healthy ingredients.HOLOS Super Breakfast Organic Overnight Muesli is organic, vegan and gluten-free with: 20g plant-based protein, 12g fibre, 13 vitamins & minerals, 1 Billion CFU Probiotics, 2g omega-3, superfoods and adaptogen. 
  3. Canadian seniors love the HOLOS convenience - no cooking required! 
  4. Canadian seniors love HOLOS ingredients such as: gluten-free rolled oats, raw sunflower seeds, Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, brown rice protein, Goji berries, White mulberries, raw cacao, Canadian Maple sugar, Maca, and Probiotics. See the full ingredient list on the HOLOS website.
    image shows screenshot of some of HOLOS Ingredients
    See HOLOS Ingredients Here

  5. HOLOS saves Canadian seniors money on their electricity bills since no cooking is needed.
  6. Canadian seniors love getting free HOLOS Overnight Organic Muesli - new clients get a free jar with the purchase of 12 packs or more AND you can get $10 free credit when you refer your friends!
  7. Canadian Seniors also love HOLOS free shipping! Love free shipping too? See these free shipping posts
  8. Canadian seniors love HOLOS ' versatility, you can eat it as is or spark things up by adding other ingredients or using it in recipes! 
What does your family like best about HOLOS Overnight Organic Muesli?

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