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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Canadian Seniors Save Money By Laughing!

How Can Laughing Save Canadian Seniors Money?

Yes! Canadian Seniors can save money by laughing! Scientific studies have shown that laughter truly is the best medicine -well it definitely is a lot cheaper than pain killers and anti-anxiety medication This post has information on some of the many ways laughter can save Canadian Seniors money and a humourous  YouTube compilation of funny church signs to tickle your funny bone.

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5 Ways Laughter Can Save Canadian Seniors Money

  1. Laughter saves Canadian Seniors money on painkillers. Pain-killing medications can have a lot of nasty negative side effects. According to a University of Harvard article, endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers. and laughter produces endorphins in the brain. The most studied of the 20 different endorphins our body can produce are beta-endorphins which are commonly associated with "runners high".
    image of nan Jogging from Pixabay
    Free Man Running Image 

    Since many of us can barely hobble along, knowing that laughter can give us the same great pain-killing effect of a runner's high endorphin boost, without the constipation that accompanies many pain-killing medications, is relief in more ways than one!
  2. Laughter saves Canadian Seniors money on heart medication. Studies at the University of Texas and the University of Maryland both showed that artery function improved after test subjects watched a half-hour comedy rather than a half-hour show on arterial function.
    free heart illustration showing blood flow
    Free heart flow image from Pixabay

  3. Laughter saves Canadian Seniors money on anti-depressant medications. Laughter is a great way to produce serotonin in the brain which leads to feelings of happiness and euphoria,
  4. Laughter saves Canadian Seniors money on expensive addictive items by producing dopamine in the brain. How does dopamine work? Dopamine is the chemical in our brain that gives us a feeling of reward or satisfaction. Whether a person is addicted to shopping or cocaine it is that same chemical reaction that triggers the feeling of satisfaction in the brain.
  5. Laughter saves Canadian Seniors money on cholesterol medications. Laughter has been found to increase HDL - the good cholesterol in our bodies.
  6. Laughter saves Canadian Seniors money on weight-loss aids. Laughter not only reduces the chemical that causes weight gain, but it also burns calories!

Laughter Leakage-The Elephant In the Room

Now before we get to the video of the humorous signs, let's address the elephant in the room.
Baby Elephant
Now many seniors see laughter as a foe and make sure they constantly have a dour outlook on life - never daring to crack a smile, lest it leads to outright belly laughter shaking everything loose. 
Many people purposely keep themselves from full-out laughter because of fear of laughter leakage. My dearly departed husband used to say, "My day isn't complete unless I've made someone laugh so much that they wet themselves!" I'd say, "We need to have company more often!" When I lost my husband I thought I would never smile, let alone laugh again, but then along came,  the fabulous comedy of Jim Gaffigan.

What Causes Laughter Leakage?

There are many things that can cause laughter leakage in men and women. Medical conditions such as diabetes can cause laughter leakage, so it is important to see a doctor right away when you start experiencing laughter leakage.  One often undetected and dangerous thing causing laughter leakage in can be extra pressure from a tumour. My uterine cancer was found via an ultrasound four years ago because I got fed up with leakage.
While you are waiting for your appointment there are several things you can do so you can enjoy the great benefits of laughter and minimize laughter leakage.
  1. Get geared up!  Get yourself some astronaut wear or a device to aid with urinary incontinence. Wise men can order a Weisner Clamp here.  Women can order an Attain Incontinence Control Device Here
    Weisner clamp image from Health Products for You
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    .Not comfortable with the idea of using a device? Not sure if you are getting the right stuff? Becausemarket offers an easy way to figure out just which type of protective wear is perfect for your situation AND they offer a free trial pack so you can try it before you buy! Ooops! This company does not ship to Canada yet!
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  2. Make sure you are getting enough vitamin D According to a new review from the International Urogynecology Journal, low levels of vitamin D in the body are linked to urinary incontinence.  
  3. Learn to do Kegel exercises. Both men and women can benefit from doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic area. Some women find it helpful to use a Kegel Kit like the Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise System, Exercise System, Each,7102655 from Health Products For You to aid in their Kegel exercises.
Laughter is just so good for us in so many ways! Do not let fear of laughter leakage get in your way!
All that being said, here is the video of Hunourous Church Signs. I hope you get a great dose of serotonin, and all the other wonderful health benefits that come from laughter.

Humourous Church Signs YouTube


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