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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Canadian Seniors Save Money Entering Free Giveaways

Canadian Seniors Enter More Free Giveaways and Buy Fewer Lottery Tickets!

Savvy Canadian Seniors cut back on lottery ticket purchases and enter more free giveaways like these.
Bookmark this post and watch for more giveaways to be added. Some of these giveaways are open to residents of other countries in addition to Canada. 

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World Wide Giveaways

Golden Goose Monthly Referral Giveaway

Golden Goose Giveaways offers a monthly Worldwide Giveaway, Have you entered this month's giveaway yet?
Golden Goose Giveaway Banner
Click Enter the Golden Goose Giveaway 

What could you win?
This month the winner of the Golden Goose monthly giveaway can win their choice of a $20 Amazon Gift card or $20 sent to them via PayPal.  When you enter you'll be given a referral code like this   and get two bonus entries into the giveaway when your friends enter the giveaway too.

Giveaways Open to Canadian Residents  PLUS!

Gadget Users Monthly Giveaway

Whether you live in  Canada, the USA, Australia or the UK, if you love gadgets you will love this monthly referral giveaway!
Want to win the hottest tech gadgets for free? Don’t miss this opportunity! Each month, Gadget User is giving away mystery tech gadgets to a handful of lucky winners. What could it be? Something to amplify your music experience? A life-changing gadget, like a self-purifying water bottle? A new fitness device to help you track your running goals? A smart tool for your kitchen? Or a drone so you can conquer the skies Who knows what you might win? Only one way to find out! 
Image shows pictures of various gadgets Text reads Mystery Gadget Giveaway
Click for Mystery Gadget Giveaway Details

How to Enter the Free Gadget Users Giveaway

This gadget lovers giveaway is open to legal residents of Canada, the USA, Australia or the UK.
There are lots of ways to get entries into the Gadget Users Gleamio giveaway such as visiting the Garget Users Facebook page, Instagram account, following them on Twitter and so forth. You will also get a code like this to refer your friends to the giveaway.

Giveaways Open Canada Wide

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