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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Unique Online Rewards Programs that Offer More Than Survey Rewards!

Numerous Rewards Opportunities Offered by These Online Companies!

Are rewards programs your passion? If rewards programs are your passion, perhaps, you might like to write a post or two or even four or more.

This post has some mini-reviews of online rewards programs I have tried that offer cash or gift cards in return for watching videos, visiting websites, printing coupons, playing games, doing surveys, and much more.

Note: Some referral links on this blog may help our writers eat when you use them. Thanks!

My Favourite  Online Rewards Companies 

Be sure to drop me a confidential note below when you sign up with any of these rewards programs, so I can send you helpful insider tips on these programs.

About My Favourite Online Rewards Companies


My friends and I have received free Gift cards through Swagbucks almost every month. Swagbucks works on computers and mobile devices. In addition to survey rewards, you can also get Swagbucks rewards by searching online, simply visiting online stores through their website, printing out coupons to use in-store, uploading your grocery receipts and more! Install the Swagbutton on your browser. and get instant alerts for codes and online shopping rewards.

Join Swagbucks Here.

Toluna Influencer Rewards 

I just joined Join Toluna Influencer Rewards the other day and it is a very interesting site. Toluna Influencer rewards you for creating surveys, taking part in posting contests, and playing games in addition to doing surveys. If you are trying to build a YouTube audience, this site may even bring new subscribers to you too.

Join Toluna Rewards Here through my referral link


Watch My Insta GC Banner Change When You Join

Insta GC stands for Insta Gift Card. It is a very interesting site, where you can get rewarded for watching videos through Hideout TV,  playing games and doing surveys too. You can get Amazon Cards Very quickly - Minimum Cash Out is $1 or you can save them up.

Join InstaGC Rewards Here through my referral link 

Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards rewards you in cash, so you know what each survey or task is worth. Daily Rewards cashes out at $30 minimum. If you have a home address, there is a great offer on their site right now that you will get paid $35 for when you sign up for free. In addition, Daily Rewards pays you for playing games, and you are paid a little each day for simply confirming that you have received their emails.

Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards is the newest rewards site I've joined. This site offers a wide number of games to play and is associated with HideOut TV through Ascend Media. You are rewarded for playing games, watching videos, doing surveys, shopping online and more. 

Royal Draw

Royal Draw rewards you for entering giveaways for gift cards, posting statuses and draws on their website, and downloading printable coupons. When friends enter free draws through your Royal Draw referral links, you get points towards gift cards too. New to Royal Draw? Use my Royal Draw eferral link to enter a free giveaway for a $100 VISA gift card.

Unique Rewards

UniqueRewards - online rewards program

Which online rewards programs do you like best??
Please drop a note in the comments below before you go.

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