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Friday, September 17, 2021

Savvy Canadian Seniors Save Using These Egg Substitutes!

Canadian Seniors Use These Savvy Egg Substitutes to Save Money!

Savvy Canadian seniors often use substitutes in their cooking to save money or improve their health. Whether you are using these easy egg substitutes in your cooking to cut down on bad cholesterol or save money, you'll be doing something many Canadian seniors learned to do during the Depression when eggs were rationed. 

Smart Canadian Seniors Switch These Ingredients

A recent video by 5 Minute Crafts shows several interesting kitchen tips including three-egg substitutes that you may have in your kitchen right now. what are these three-egg substitutes?

10 Egg Substitutes That May Save You Money

In the 5 Minute Crafts video, they list the following three substitutes for an egg.
  1. 1/3 C applesauce.
  2. 1 mashed banana.
  3. 1/4 C  yogurt
However, as I was led to explore more, I discovered some wonderful egg substitute advice and even more egg substitutes in a free Vegan cookbook by Sara Kidd.

Sara Kidd has created this delicious frugal lemon cake that is egg-free and dairy-free using ground flaxseed instead of eggs.
Two Layer Lemon cake image from Sara Kidd
Vegan Lemon Cake by Sara Kidd Here.

Sara writes:
The key thing to remember is that not every egg replacer works for every type of baking. My favourite egg replacer is the flaxseed egg because I make a lot of cakes. Sara lists the following egg replacements:
  1. Ground Flaxseed 
  2. Ground Chia Seed 
  3. Cornflour/Cornstarch 
  4. Aquafaba 
  5. Banana 
  6. Applesauce 
  7. Vinegar 
  8. Arrowroot 
  9. Tofu 
  10. Premade egg replacer powders

 What do you substitute for eggs in your recipes? Be sure to drop a note in the comments below.

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