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Saturday, September 4, 2021

How Canadian Seniors Can Plant a Free Memorial Tree

How Can Canadian Seniors Plant Trees for Free From Their Rooms? 

Many Canadian seniors would really like to be able to contribute to the health of the planet by planting trees, but sometimes our backs are not up to planting trees physically, or we might be a little hindered fiscally too. 
Did you know there are ways to plant trees for free from the comfort of your home? 
This blog post shares three free ways that people living in Canada, and other countries can plant a tree
for free. 

This Company Plants Trees for Free!

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Sound too good to be true? I planted a tree for free with Click a Tree and so can you!

What is Click a Tree?

Click a tree is a unique website offering people the convenience of planting trees in honour of friends and family from the comfort of their home. When you sign up to receive their emails, they will even plant a tree for free for you!  If you have the funds and want to have some fun, you could even plant a forest or two! 

  image person planting a tree  "Click here to plant a tree today" Click a tree

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Things really do change that way! 

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