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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Savvy Canadian Seniors Enter Free Consumer Receipt Draws!

Canadian Seniors Stop Paying for Lottery Tickets and Enter Free Consumer Receipt Draws!

Many Canadian Seniors have stopped wasting money on lottery tickets and are entering free draws by answering consumer survey draws on their shopping receipts. Not only are these draws free to enter but you also get to have your opinion heard about your shopping experience and the odds o of winning are often better in these draws.
This post has a growing list of stores whose receipts offer the opportunity to enter a free draw by answering a few questions about your shopping experience, along with links to the survey sites.
This post is not sponsored by any of the following retailers.

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Canadian Stores Offering Free Draws

Did you know that you can enter receipt draws even if you don't have a receipt from a retailer? According to receipt draw terms of service, no purchase is necessary to enter the draws. Be sure to check the terms of service for each draw to see what alternate methods of entry they offer. Msot receipt draws must be entered within 7 days of your purchase, so be sure to enter the survey while your memory of your shopping experience is still fresh in your mind.

Your Independent Grocer Receipt Draws

Your Independent Grocer stores offer a receipt draw at the bottom of their receipt. You can complete Your Independent Grocer store receipt draws on the telephone at 1-800-531-2928 or online at and be entered to win one of two monthly prizes for your choice of 1 million PC optimum points or $1000 in Presidents Choice gift cards.
If you do not have a receipt, you can tick a box beside "Don't have a receipt" on the Your Independent Grocer Store receipt survey site. This will take you to a page with a drop-down list of several grocery stores that you can leave feedback about including Your Independent Grocer. From there you are taken to a page where you choose the location of the store that wish to leave feedback on.
The Independent Grocery Store receipt draw survey can be completed in your choice of English, French, Traditional Chinese or Punjabi.
image shows Independent Grocery Store receipt portion with receipt draw invitation.
See Independent Grocery Store Draw Rules Here

Shoppers Drug Mart Receipt Draws

Only some Shoppers Drug Mart receipts offer an opportunity to enter their customer survey draw. One nice thing about the Shoppers Drug Mart receipt draw is that you can do their survey on the telephone or online. Another interesting thing is that you are given a choice to enter the survey questions online in one of four languages: English, French, Traditional Chinese or Punjabi - it would be nice if they offered it in an indigenous language too. 
When doing their telephone survey listen very carefully as they switch the rating scale from the highest number being positive to negative!
A third interesting thing to be aware of in the sdm receipt draw is that a few Shoppers Drug Mart stores reward you for doing the survey with extra points and some even have a hotline available near the cash registers so you can make the call before you leave the store! Be sure to check your receipt before leaving the store to see if you get an opportunity to do the survey and ask if the store offers any additional incentives for doing the survey.
image shows Shoppers Drug Mart receipt draw invitation . Link opens in a new page
See Shopper Drug Mart Receipt Draw Rules Here

You can complete the Shoppers Drug Mart receipt survey online at or call 1-800-701-9163 and enter to win one of two monthly prizes of 1 million PC optimum points or $1000 in gift cards. You will need to enter the certificate number on the receipt which can be found right below the words "contest rules" on the receipt.
See Also:

Walmart Receipt Draw

Sample Walmart Receipt with required information highlighted

Have a Walmart receipt? Enter the Walmart consumer draw at Survey ( You must be a Canadian resident that is age of majority or older. If you don't have a receipt, you can mail in a postcard instead. Three $1,00 prizes are awarded each month from all entries received. See full rules at The 2021 Walmart Canada Survey Sweepstakes (

Giant Tiger Receipt Draw

Have a Giant Tiger receipt? 
Sample Giant Tiger Receipt with required information highlighted

Enter the Giant Tiger consumer draw at Survey Page 2 ( You must be a legal Canadian resident that is age of majority or older. If you don't have a receipt, you can mail in a postcard instead. One $500 Giant Tiger Gift Card prize is awarded each month from all entries received. See full rules at BlobServlet (

Petro Canada Receipt Draw

Have a Petro-Canada Receipt?
Sample Petro-Canada Receipt with required information highlighted

Enter the Petro-Canada receipt draw at:Petro-Canada Guest Survey ( I realize the receipt says Win Gas for a Year, but even if you don't have a truck or a car, you can use the prepaid Gift card!
The Petro‑Canada 2021 Guest Satisfaction Contest is open to all residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority in their Province of residence, except employees, retirees of Petro‑Canada and its affiliates, franchisees, agents, associates, dealers, representatives, advertising and promotional agencies and members of the immediate family of these employees and retirees or any person with whom they are domiciled. Customers are restricted to three entries (via survey completions or mail-in entries without purchase) per person, per household per calendar month. Entries indicating the same telephone contact number or address will be considered, for purposes of the Contest, to belong to the same Customer and therefore are subject to the above restriction. Any excess entries will be invalid for purposes of the Contest draw. There are four prizes awarded each year - one per quarter. Each prize consists of a Petro‑Canada Pre-Paid Card worth CDN $2,185.00. No receipt? You can still enter! To enter without any purchase a Customer may hand print their name, address, email address, postal code and phone number on a plain 3″ x 5″⁣ piece of paper and sign it. Place the entry form in an envelope and mail it with sufficient postage to Petro‑Canada Guest Satisfaction Contest, c/o In-Touch Insight Systems, 400 March Road, Ottawa, ON K2K 3H4 See full contest rules at Petro-Canada Hero Survey | Petro-Canada

There are many more receipt draws that can be found at the bottom of receipts. Have you entered any of these draws lately? Please share your views in the comments below before you go!

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