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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Savvy Canadian Seniors Save Money on Phone Calls

Canadian Seniors Text and Call Free with TextNow!

People living in Canada and the USA can have free calling using TextNow on their computer, or cell phone. Savvy Canadian Seniors are using TextNow to save on phone calls. You don't need to be a Canadian Senior to get this great freebie, but if you are a senior or someone living on a limited budget, you will definitely appreciate TextNow.
I have been using TextNow free calling from my laptop for several months and this post is out of gratitude for their free services.
Text reads Free Calling and Texting over WiFi Yes our technology is built to save you money
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How Can TextNow Services Start at Free?

How can TextNow services start at $0?
TextNow was started in Canada by a couple of college students who thought it was important for everyone to be able to call people on the telephone.
The free TextNow service is paid for by unobtrusive ads, so there is no subscription and no billing information required! 
TextNow free services allow you to connect for free over wifi. You get a phone number that people can text or call. You can send texts, links and images, but you cannot receive images through the free service.
In addition, if you purchase a sim card from TextNow, you can make offline phone calls too!
TextNow can also save you a bundle on long-distance calls because you can call and text Canada and the USA for free.

Download TextNow for your computer or cell phone. Once you explore t, I'm sure you'll adore it!

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