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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Canadians Get Free Burgers!

Some Canadians Offered Free Burger by Harvey's!

Canadians can get a free burger by sharing their vaccination selfie or a photo of their vaccination record on social media, tagging Harvey's and using #CanadasBestShot.

People can also enter by commenting on Harvey's social media posts and sharing their vaccine stories.

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Afterwards, eligible people will get a DM with a code for redeeming a burger via the web or the app. Harvey's says it's giving away over $250,000 worth of burgers through this promotion.

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In addition to this, in Ontario, the "Harvey's RV" will be going to pop-up vaccination clinics throughout the GTA in June and July and giving away burgers at no cost to people after they get a dose at those spots.

There is no information yet about whether Harvey's plans to give free burgers who show up IRL with their vaccination proof in hand



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