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Friday, June 18, 2021

Canadian Seniors Save on Travel Accommodations with Free Rewards Nights!

Travelling Canadian Seniors Save Money By Staying Free!

Whether you are a Canadian senior, or from another country, you can save big by using Wyndham Rewards at hotels around the world!
This post is not sponsored, but in gratitude for the Wyndham Rewards program.
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However: Posts on this blog do have referral links that can help our authors eat when you shop through them. Want to join in the writing fun? Pop a note in the comments below.

About Wyndham Rewards Program

Wyndham Rewards is a free loyalty program. In Canada, Wyndham Rewards gives you an opportunity to get Go Fast or Go Free rewards which allow you to stay for free or at reduced rates at accommodations under the Wyndham Rewards banner. Another benefit in Canada is the ability to gain points through flights and car rentals. Wyndham Rewards is a growing program, so you'll want to check the website for full details.
Even if you don't think you will be going on a vacation anytime soon, I highly recommend you set up a free account with Wyndham Rewards, so when opportunity knocks, you will be ready to receive your rewards.

Wyndham Rewards Insider Tips

I've only been a Wyndham Rewards member for a short time, so you may know a lot more about Wyndham Rewards than I do. One thing I didn't realize was that you can accumulate points when you GoFast with Wyndham Rewards on the portion of the bill that you pay. Therefore, when deciding whether to GoFree or GoFast, you might wish to opt for the GoFast option.
Currently, it is not possible to give Wyndham Rewards points to a friend r family member, but you can book a room for someone else using your points, so if your Wyndham Rewards points are expiring - yes these points do expire, you might wish to look into booking a room for someone you trust.

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