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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Truvia Offers Free Sample Plus Coupon!

Canadian Seniors Will Love this Free Truvia Sample!

Update October 29,2021. This free sample is still available.
Canadian Seniors whose budget is not ample will most likely love this Truvia free $2 coupon and free sample! This free sample offer is available to residents of Canada age 18 and over. The free sample in Canada consists of two packets of Truvia calorie-free sweetener. There are also Free Truvia sample offers for other countries that are different from this offer.
Personally, if you ask me there are many reasons I like Truvia, especially in this season.
This post has a link where you can get a free sample and coupon for Truvia, as well as my views after having used Truvia, perhaps you will like Truvia too!
This post was created as a labour of love for this product
image shows picture of scoopable Truvia sweetener  Text reads: Free Sample & Coupon Truvia
Canadian Senior Savings Created from Truvia Screenshot

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About Truvia

Why Use Truvia?

Truvia is great for people like me who are on the go because you can get a lot of sweetness in a small space. when you don't have space to waste. Half a teaspoon of Truvia has the same sweetness as one teaspoon of sugar and none of the calories! Truvia not only takes up less space, but it is much lighter to tote with you. Using Truvia may also help you become lighter too! Whether you are camping ut or heading out on a picnic, Truvia will do the trick!

How is Truvia Made?

The Truvia website says Truvia is made from three ingredients:
  • Erythritol
  • Natural Flavours
  • Truvia Varieties

    Truvia makes a variety of sweetening products including:
    • Truvia Packets
    • Truvia Spoonable - 1/2 tsp equals the same sweetness as 1 teaspoon of sugar
    • Truvia Sweet Complete™ 0 calorie sweetener suitable for keto and  diabetic diets
    • Truvia Sweet Complete™ Icing Sweetener 0 calorie sweetener that measures and pours like icing sugar without the calories.
    • Brown Sugar Blend
    • Cane Sugar Blend

    How to Get Your Free Truvia Sample and Coupon

    For a limited time, visitors to the Truvia website can apply to receive a free sample of Truvia and a coupon too. Here's what you do.:
    1. Go to the Truvia Website.
    2. Click on the  Try Truvia link in the top right corner.
    3. Complete the form with your name, age email and address.
    4. Agree to the terms and conditions.
    Note: If you are using public Wifi you may have some difficulty getting this free coupon and sample because only one free sample and $2 coupon are allowed per IP address, but you can try.

    Truvia Website accessed May4,2021:

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