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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Do You Recall This True Story of Forgiveness?

 Free Online Viewing Event: End of the Spear!

Is it possible to forgive those who have taken from you what you loved most? Previously, I watched the animated movie The Jim Elliot Story
End of the Spear is live-action and in a similar vein. Some of our readers may even recall having seen the headlines or newsreels about this event. Here is the description of the movie from the free online movie site. Caution: You might want to watch this movie when you are at home alone, due to violent undertones. 
End of the Spear Movie Trailer Screenshot shows  a shirtless glowering actor with short dark hair, dark eyes and bronze skin Link opens in the free movie viewing site in a new tab
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About End of the Spear

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Worlds collide in End of the Spear when missionaries make contact with a fierce Amazon tribe. From the incredible true story of the Waodani people, the five missionaries who gave their lives for the Gospel, and the family members who continued their mission. 
Following a tragic loss and empowered by faith and hope, several members of the families of the fallen missionaries proceed to live among the Waodani tribe. In searching for answers about his father’s death, one young boy will discover the power of forgiveness and redemption. Watch this compelling story for FREE in this online event today.

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