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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Canadian Seniors Memory Lane - Old TV Shows !

Many Canadian Seniors May Remember These Old Television Shows

 Many Canadian seniors had a television set in their home like this one when they were growing up.
Image from pixabay shows a drawing of a television set with two dials one dial had UHF, VHF and the other dial has the numbers one to six. There is a black hemishphere on top of the television set with its opening on the top of the box and two antennae are sticking out of the top of the black hemisphere  an angle like hands on an analog clock showing the time ten - ten
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

 You see those things sticking out of that top? No, those aren't granny's knitting needles. We called those antennae "rabbit ears" and you had to move them around to make the picture come in more clearly. Sometimes we'd attach a wire coat hanger to one of the "rabbit ears" and hang it from a metal curtain rod. Do you think that's odd? Quite often we only got one station!

Many television shows from south of the border became hits in Canada when Canadian Seniors were children.

Can you complete some of these old television show theme songs?
"That's the way they became the_______   _______!"
"Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale...."
"Green Acres is the ..."
'That's Uncle Joe he's ...."
 If you happen to have some of these old television show collectibles around, you may have quite a treasure! 

How Much are Old Canadian Television Show Collectibles Worth? 

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Well, currently, one of the highest ticket television memorabilia items listed for sale online is a baseball signed by Fred Rogers and the Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood. Can you guess the valuation placed on that childhood television show item?

Canadian Childhood Television Shows Memories

Do you remember this man who played alongside Adam West or the theme music of the show? 
Image shows a young man with brown hair wearing a black mask that covers his eyes. He is wearing black gloves . His red Tshirt has black sleeves and he is wearing a cape.
This Masked Side-kick Kicked Villains Alongside a Caped Crusader

When I was little I told my brother that when I grew up, I was going to be the character portrayed by Adam West in this show. LOL

Do you remember this lady who cleaned house for a big family named _________?
I remember thinking it would be so much fun to be a part of that family, especially if there was someone else to do the cleaning! 

Do you remember the show where  Edgar played Uncle Joe?
Image from HollywoodMemorabilia shows black and white photo of the man who played Uncle Joe in a sixties sitcom The photo is signed Edgar in blue ink
Edgar Played Uncle Joe in Cameos on Various 60's TV Shows

I loved the beginning of that show, and even though I hated heights, I thought I might like to hike up that hill and swim in the water tower.

Finally, can you tell who was Saved by the ____?

Wow! Do you remember the hair do's we used to use? Apparently, many of these styles are coming back!

How much are these television memorabilia items from the past valued at? Evaluations change day by day, so it's best to go and take a peek at what each of these items is valued at this week!

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