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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

How Can Canadian Seniors Save on Appliances?

 Canadian Seniors Can Save on Appliances in Many Ways Here are Three Savings Tips!

Canadian Seniors know money does not come easily, so savvy saving Candian seniors often know where to shop for appliances and when. 
Yes, there are certain times of the year you can get really great deals on appliances. However, have you ever noticed that your vacuum cleaner or other appliance goes on the fritz just after the sales season ends?
Senior Man stooped over using a vacuum cleaner -  black silhouette
Silhouette of Senior Man Using Vacuum Cleaner from  Here

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This post has a few tips on how you can save money on appliances and equipment outside regular seasonal sales periods. 

If you have more tips on how Canadian seniors can save on appliances, or if you'd like to write a guest post or two on this subject, please pop a note in the comments below. Thanks!

So what were we talking about? 
Oh, yes, how Canadian seniors can save money on appliances and equipment outside seasonal clearances like Black Friday.

Three Tips to Help Canadian Seniors Save Money on Appliances

  1. Share appliances with other people. Do you need to use a vacuum cleaner every day?  Perhaps you could share with a neighbour. Note: These days with all the germs floating around that might not be the best idea.
  2. Buy used appliances from a reputable dealer where you can get some sort of a guarantee. I used to recommend buying used appliances at Value Village, but now the fine print on the receipt says they only accept returns on clothing and hmm.. something else, but it's not appliances.
  3. Buy refurbished appliances from reputable dealers. Refurbished items often come with a guarantee. You can shop refurbished items easily from home here on eBay Plus they frequently post coupon codes like this on their site to help you save even more money.
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What other ideas do you have for saving money on appliances outside seasonal sales?
Please drop a note in the comments below before you go.

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