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Friday, April 2, 2021

Canadian Seniors Savvy Electricity Savers!

Canadian Seniors Save Electricity Several Ways!

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Canadian seniors have been saving on electricity in numerous ways for years. Many Canadian seniors know the importance of trying to reduce, reuse and recycle. In addition, many Canadian seniors have seen some tough times that required them to save by using clotheslines, turning lights off, and the zillions of little ways people save on electricity. 
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Some seniors have successfully replaced much of their commercial electricity by installing wind and solar energy collectors. Like these products available through buypluss 

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Do you know some savvy seniors who have used solar or wind power to augment their electricity?
Here are a couple of people that I've met in my travels.
A few years ago, John Jones, a senior from Omemee Ontario powered his entire workshop using solar panels that he had linked together. 
Some people believe that if you live in the northern part of Canada, solar will not work,. However, just last year, I met a savvy Canadian senior in Timmins Ontario who had installed small wind generators and solar panels to supply most of the power in his home.
Are you a savvy Canadian senior who has supplemented the power in your home or business with wind or solar, or perhaps another type of sustainable way of generating electricity? 
Please comment below and let everyone know!
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