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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Make Money Mystery Shopping!

 Mystery Shopping Might Be Something to Help Increase Your Revenues

There are many valid mystery shopping companies. Some companies provide excellent training, while others expect you to have prior experience. A valid mystery shopping company will not ask you to pay to join or to get assignments. 

Usually, you will be required to make a purchase, for which you will be reimbursed. There are also some mystery shopping assignments that do not require you to make a purchase at all - such as a phone call shop or website assessment. 

When you first start mystery shopping, you will need to accept lower-paying assignments or reimbursement shops in the beginning. However, as schedulers discover that you are reliable and you can write reports objectively, you can be offered much higher pay for similar assignments.

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 iSecretshop is a legitimate mystery shopping company that offers good training and support in a mystery shopping forum. Whether you are just curious or wishing to get some extra income, you may wish to sign up and give mystery shopping a try.

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