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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Longevity Broadcast Offers Surprising Takeaways

 Dr. Stephen Gundry Reveals Keys to Longevity!

I just had the opportunity to watch a presentation by Dr. Steven Gundry on WNED where he presented the essential tips to help people live longer healthier lives. Dr. Gundry shared how he had applied his research into what helps people live longer healthier happier lives to his own life as well as his daughter and her husband and thousands of other happy clients.
I was extremely surprised at some of his findings, perhaps you will be surprised as well.
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Recorded in 2019 in front of a live audience. Dr. Steven Gundry shared surprising discoveries from studying some of the longest living people in the world, as well as surprising tips on how to use diet and lifestyle changes to quickly increase good gut "bugs" and improve our ability to longer healthier lives.
Dr. Gundry shared how thirty years prior to the broadcast he thought he was living a healthy lifestyle, but he was overweight, tired and having migraines. By studying how the longest living people in the world studied the longest living people in the world eat and live, he came to some surprising conclusions. After implementing the changed lifestyle, Dr. Gundry dropped seventy pounds, had more energy and no more migraines. 
So what are some of the surprising tips he shared in this broadcast?

Ten Surprising Health Tips to Improve Your Healthy Longevity

Here are ten tips Dr. Gunndry shared during the WNED Longevity Paradox Broadcast:
  1. Changing your health does not take long.  We get rid of 90% of our cells every 3 months. If we can replace our bad cells with good building blocks we can have healthier lives very quickly.
  2. Stop drinking cow's milk. It has the wrong kind of protein, If you are going to eat dairy foods choose to consume milk from sheep and goats as yogurt or cheese. This Keto-friendly recipe uses a cheese made from sheep and goat's milk to make  French Fries!
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  3. Stop eating plants in the nightshade family - potatoes, tomatoes, papers, and eggplant. They are toxic.
  4. Stop eating lecithin-containing foods. Whole grains, cashews and peanuts are all on the nono list. However, lecithin can be removed from food by pressure cooking them.
  5. Stop eating fruit, unless it is in season. The sugars in fruit and other sugars are causing a huge obesity problem
  6. Eat more foods high in polyphenols.- Dark chocolate, leafy greens, coffee, tea, red wine, and olive oil.
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  7. Get a dog! It will force you to get outside, exercise and help you socialize.
  8. Eat more resistant starches like yams. 
  9. Eat more prebiotics. Good gut bugs thrive on them.
  10. Mushrooms are especially healthy for us and help increase brain function.
Dr. Gundry's food pyramid turns the USD food pyramid upside down. the complete package from Dr. Gundry includes numerous exclusive features only available to supporters of WNED for a donation of $180. 
You can also look for his educational materials:
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