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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Did You Register for Women Create 2021?

Get Free Business Help at Women Create 2021! 

What is Women Create 2021? 
Women Create 2021 is a free 3-Day online conference from March 23 - 25, 2021 with over 30 experts across live webinars, panel discussions, and on-demand training.

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Click here and enter your email address to save your seat for Women Create 2021

Who attends a Women Create Summit?

If you know you were meant for something big, and you’re ready to ignite that flame, this free three-day summit is for you. While Women Create 2021 features great women speakers, all creators are welcome.
Women Create 2021 is your opportunity to pursue your passions and create something profitable. This is for you if:
  • You’re a solo business owner, coach, or creator who wants to learn how to grow and/or monetize your audience. 
  • You want to share your skills or passions with the world but you’re not sure where to start. Or you’ve already started, but you don’t feel you’re getting paid your worth. 
  • You dream of making money by sharing what you already know and selling online courses or coaching services, either as your full-time job or as an additional stream of income. 
  • You want to get an insider look at the frameworks and strategies other women use to successfully build and grow thriving online businesses. 
Are you one or all of the above? 

 Why Reserve Your Seat for Women Create 2021? 

Your ticket includes three days of live events, additional bonus content, plus two weeks of replays from all sessions. 
 Look what you could learn! 
Between March 23-25, the Women Create free sessions will teach you how to 
  • Pivot your in-person business into online products and digital marketing strategies 
  • Create and sell online courses to start or scale your business 
  • Get your first paying customers, even without a fancy website or tech setup 
  • Gain confidence in business and overcome entrepreneurial mindset hurdles 
  • Reach more people organically (without paying for ads) 
  • Maintain a healthy balance with your mental health and your business 
  • Use social media to market your brand and successfully sell your products and services 
  • Get comfortable with the financial and business side of running an online business (even if you don’t think you’re savvy) 

Who will be Speaking at Women Create 2021?

Women Create 2021 Speaker Lineup 

Over thirty visionary women will guide you through their personal journeys of overcoming obstacles, the strategies they implemented to build their businesses, and the plans for their future—nothing is off-limits. 
Grab a seat at the table with fellow entrepreneurs as we learn, grow, and build the next generation of women-led businesses. 

Women Create 2021 Speaker Schedule

 Want a peek inside this free value-packed summit?  Whether you want to attend every session or just a few, you’re free to pick and choose the sessions that you need.

 Tuesday, March 23 

Keynote: Passion to Paid: How to Turn Your Creativity Into a Career Lauren Hom 
  •  7 Steps to Create a Profitable Online Course Ankur Nagpal and Jess Catorc 
  • Confidence in Business and Overcoming Mental Hurdles Kaye Putnam, Claire Wasserman 
  • How to Create a Course With Teachable Cameron Mattis and Monique Daniels 
  • How to Build an Engaged Online Community Polina Marinova Pompliano 
  • How to Design Your Life for Maximum Output & Fulfillment Cathryn Lavery 
  • 5 Types of 15-Second Videos to Sell More Courses Elise Darma 
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Paying Yourself First Ayana Campbell Smith 
  • How to Build a Brand in a Changing Landscape of Visual Marketing Rachel Rouhana 
  • Top Ten Tips for Getting Started on TikTok (No Dancing Necessary) Giselle Ugarte 

Wednesday, March 24 

Keynote: Money Moves: Managing Your Personal Finances as a Creator Tori Dunlap 
  •  How to Get Your First 3 Coaching Clients Luisa Zhou 
  •  Social Media Trends for Marketing Your Business Taylor Price, Sandy Lin, Jenell B. Stewart, Dot Lung 
  • How to Create and Sell Coaching with Teachable Cameron Mattis and Jessica Evans 
  • How to Grow Your Online Business Using YouTube—Without Paid Ads Amy Sangster 
  • How to Transition From Side Hustle to Full-Time as a Content Creator Kelsey Johnson 
  • How to Fund a Parental Leave as an Entrepreneur Jennifer Mayer 
  • The Art of the Start Hitha Palepu 
  • 7 Ways to Conquer the Mental & Emotional Struggles of Entrepreneurship Angela Alston 
  • Legal Business Basics 101 Taylor Tieman 

Reserve your seat for the Women Create 2021 free online summit now!

Thursday, March 25 

Keynote: Transform Your Purpose Into Profit Oneika Raymond 
  •  The $1 Million Course Email Strategy Kendrick Shope 
  •  The Spark Method: Creating an Irresistible Personal Brand in 2021 Tiffany Tolliver 
  •  It Pays to Give: Designing a Customer-Centric Coaching Program Mélissa Peng 
  • Start Small, Then Scale Regina Anaejionu, Suzi Whitford, Dasha Kennedy 
  • How to Pre-Sell Your Course and Jumpstart Your Earning with Teachable Soph Avalos and Sam Vega 
  • Instagram With a Plan: 2021 Playbook for Growing a Brand on Instagram Michelle Thames 
  • The Perfect Pitch: Finding Your Voice & Conveying Your Message Regan Farley 
  • Find Your Voice & Own Your Value: Breaking Through Imposter Syndrome Ashlee Hayes 
  • LinkedIn 101 for Women Entrepreneurs Deepika Shah 
  • Transform Your Purpose Into Profit Quinn Tempest 
 Can’t attend every session? Everyone who signs up will receive full on-demand access to all session replays for two weeks, through April 11, 2021. So register now even if you’re not sure about live attendance. 
Women Create 2021 is Hosted by Teachable 

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