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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Ten Ideas for Saving Green While Keeping Clothes Clean!

 What are Your Top 10 Frugal Clothes Washing Tips?

Keeping clothes clean without being taken to the cleaners can feel like a losing battle. Do you have any frugal tips to help people save money while doing everyday tasks? People need to hear from you!
Here are a few ideas that popped into my head, but I am sure you can do better than these, so please rescue me, and share your frugal home economics ideas here!
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Laundry Public Domain Image Woman Struggling With Dryer From Dreamstime

Seeking ways to save on laundry costs? 
You're not alone! 
This post has ten surprising ways people save money on their laundry costs. 
Have some frugal laundry tips? Please pop a note with your link n the comments and let other folks know. If free n frugal housekeeping tips are your passion, perhaps, you might like to write a post or two or even four or more. In return, you can post links to your online store and more. If this is you, please leave a confidential note with your contact info. 
So how do people save money on their laundry costs?

10 Ways to  Save Green while Keeping Laundry Clean

  1. Use dryer balls instead of fabric softener  This six-pack of reusable wool dryer balls selling on eBay will save you loads of money. 6PCS Laundry Natural Wool Dryer Balls Clean Reusable Fabric Softener | eBay
    6PCS Laundry Natural Wool Dryer Balls Clean Reusable Fabric Softener | eBay

  2. Use laundry coupons from Swagbucks or Royal Draw. Both these sites reward you with points to use towards free Gift Cards when you print out coupons.
  3. Stop washing clothes! If you can get clothes really cheap, and your landscape won't hold water or is too steep. Bury them in the yard and leave them to rot. Perhaps it's time for some new clothes, but if not...
  4. Stop washing clothes as frequently. Centuries ago, people purchased clothes in dark colours. Clothes were spot cleaned and hung out to air. Sufficient linen under shifts were purchased so that there would be a great wash day once every 60 days or more. The great wash day would be a two or three-day event and a professional washerwoman would be hired to oversee the event.
    Washerwomen Public Domain Image from Wikimedia

  5. Stop using electricity to dry your clothes. Hanging clothes to try inside in winter reduces the need for a humidifier. In the summer, however, your home will be cooler if you can hang your laundry outdoors. In this humorous excerpt from a 17th Century book, the author gives the following Directions to the Laundress. 
  6. Laundry Line Drying 17th Century Humourous Quote
    When your linen is pinned on the line, or on a hedge, and it rains, whip it off, although you tear it. But the place for hanging them is on fruit trees, especially in blossom; the linens cannot be torn and the trees give them a fine smell.
  7. Use less laundry soap. If you live where the water is heavily chlorinated or treated, the water may be sufficient for cleaning your clothes. Try experimenting to see how little laundry soap you will need. Quite often the amount recommended leaves a large number of chemicals in the clothes. Be wary of homemade laundry soaps, however as they could ruin a modern washing machine.
  8. Wash clothes by hand save on electricity and get exercise at the same time! Many people around the world wash their laundry by foot or by hand. 
    Laundry Soap Ad Champion American Soap Powder Library of Congress 1800s

  9. Wash clothes by bicycle!
  10. Rent your clothes. One gentleman with a limited budget informed me he found a thrift shop that carefully laundered clothes. He would buy the laundered clothing and donate it back when it was dirty. His four children enjoyed the shopping trips to the store when they came to visit, and he said it saved him hours in time and a great deal of money.
  11. Stop wearing clothes.
  • Shocked Man Looking at Laptop With Lightbulb Over Head Free Image from Dreamstime
    With many people working from home these days and needing to self-isolate, It's a perfect opportunity to pull the shades down and experiment with becoming a naturalist!

  • How do you save laundry money?
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