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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Save Your Eyes! Save Time and Money Too!

 Eye Strain Problems Can Increase with Age - Protect Your Eyes With These Tips!

Whether you are reading or writing online, it can take a real toll on your eyes. Offline reading can be damaging to our eyes too, so what can you do if you are a sage who enjoys perusing page after page? 
Here are a few tips you can use that may also help decrease the amount of time you use in the books you peruse!
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Five Ways to Save Your Eyes That You May Not Have Realized

Recently my eyes became extremely sore and I was not sure if I would be able to write online much more. This lead me to explore some ways to lengthen the number of days, I might be able to still peruse the net and share news with you.
  1. Take a break from using your eyes! This is a very tough thing for me to do. Would this be difficult for you too? I have begun to discover the joys of listening, rather than being glued to a book or a screen, When I listen to a book and I don't have to look, I can save my eyes, and now I realize how much time I can save too, and all the other things I can do that I wouldn't be able to do If I were glued to a book or screen. I also discovered a coupon that's really keen! Save 50% off  your first book from audiobooksnow
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  2. Use the Darkreader App. This changes your screen from bright white to black. It's a free and really cool app. 
  3. Stop squinting at tiny printing. 
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    This will help your eyes and reduce the likelihood of gaining more wrinkles too. To make almost any website content larger, hold down the CTRL (Control) key) and SHIFT, then click on the addition symbol as many times as you like to enlarge the page. To shrink it back down again, hold CTRL  and click the minus sign.
  5. Listen to the radio rather than watching TV. You can even be rewarded by some websites like this one for playing their  music videos day and night
  6. Have your computer or mobile device read to you. Speechify is an amazing app that comes with free and paid versions that work on your phone, mobile device or computer. Not only will it give your eyes a rest it can help you speed read too! The coolest aspect of this app is that by snapping a picture of anything print, you can turn it into an audiobook, No more squinting at labels in the grocery store! Check out Speechify here. (Thanks to Delma for the heads up on this app!)
  7. Get some Blue Light digital protection lenses
Do you have some great health tips to share?
Please drop a note in the comments below before you go.

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