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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Make Your Own Groceries- Save Money!

Have You Tried Making Your Own Groceries?

Making your own groceries can save you loads of money, and you know all the ingredients that went into making your recipe. This post has information about three recipes that could save you a lot of money if you make them at home.

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Try Making These Groceries at Home 

Homemade Taco Seasoning

You can buy Taco Seasoning here on eBay for a variety of vendors, but what if the store brand seasoning has ingredients you can't tolerate?
Homemade Taco Seasoning from Free Fur Fun

Does your family love tacos? This is a great gift to make for yo iodized sea salt here on eBay.ur favourite taco lover or just for yourself. There is one ingredient in this recipe I would change. This recipe calls for coarse sea salt. Do you know how important iodine is to our diets? If you are adding salt to this recipe, make sure it is iodized. You can find iodized sea salt here on eBay 
3 Drinks to Avoid

Homemade Almond Butter 

 The wonderful thing about almonds is how healthy they are for us to eat. However, as we age it can be more difficult to bite these nuts, so why not try mixing up a batch of homemade almond butter?
 You could purchase almond butter on eBay, but if you are on your own, it might take a while to use a whole jar of almond butter. Plus fresher is always better.
I found this great Homemade Almond Butter recipe on Pinterest, that could be easily scaled down to smaller amounts.

Homemade Citrus Cleaner

 Why toss out your citrus peels when you can upcycle them into Homemade Citrus cleaner?
Alison over at Canning Crafts shares some great recipes for upcycling your citrus peels into a variety of recipes including this Homemade Citrus Cleaner.
Homemade Citrus Cleaner by Alison on Canning Crafts

Homemade Gluten-Free Worcestershire Sauce 

This is not an easy sauce to spell, nor to say, but I finally found Worcestershire Sauce here on eBay
You could buy Worcestershire Sauce in bulk and decant it into nice bottles like these
Hot Sauce Bottles image from Here

However, many people these days are not able to tolerate some of the ingredients in the Worcestershire Sauce from stores. So, you might like to make some Worcestershire Sauce that is totally all yours with this recipe for homemade Worcestershire Sauce from Merissa at Little House Living

What groceries are you making at home? 
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