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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Tiny Home? Tiny Village! Creating Empty Nester Retirement Income Ideas!

 Case Study - My Tiny Village Oregon

Seeking Retirement Income? Try This!
My Tiny Village Oregon started with a woman building herself a tiny home to cut down on her expenses and ecological footprint, then expanded into a grouping of tiny homes in a forested area where she hosts people looking to try out the tiny home lifestyle. 
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Aerial View My Tiny Village Birdhouse- Oregon

Watch  My Tiny Village on Smart Healthy Green Living streaming service for free and see how this might be a retirement income solution for you.

My Tiny Village Oregon Highlights Artistic Low Impact Living

My Tiny Village Oregon - Loft Home
When the founder of My Tiny Village - Oregon started building her first tiny home in 2014 she had no money and the future looked bleak. She built a tiny home as a way to cut down on her expenses, then started investigating ways she could put her hard work and new knowledge to work. After investigating the many different ways people make money in the Tiny Home industry, she decided that building Tiny Homes and hosting people who were curious about the tiny home lifestyle, was the way to go. With a lot of love from supportive people who helped her along the way, a Tiny Village soon emerged.

Lofty Ambitions?

My Tiny Village is part of the Tiny Village Expedition series airing on Smart Healthy Green Living streaming services. The first Tiny Home on this tour is a loft home hideout that sleeps three. Originally, it was planned to sleep five, but the planned sofa bed on the first floor was swapped out for a table and chairs with a very unique furniture addition - an original antique automobile trunk upcycled with casters added for storage! This is just one indication of the quirky interesting touches this Tiny Home designer has injected into the Tiny Village in Oregon. 
The tiny homes in Tiny Village Oregon have artwork from local artists, and many unique handmade solutions.
Oh, and if you do need extra space for more guests, the Tiny Heritage Hippie Teardrop is available too.
Here are a couple of other Tiny Homes from My Tiny Village - Oregon airing on Smart Healthy Green Living streaming service.
My Tiny Village Oregon- Windows Galore Tiny Home

My Tiny Village Oregon - Pine Retreat Tiny Home

What a great way for people to try the Tiny Home lifestyle before they buy! Whether you're looking for some tiny space utilization ideas, contemplating a Tiny Home vacation, or just curious about Tiny Homes, this show in the Tiny Home Expedition series on Smart  Healthy Green Living streaming service is a must-see!
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