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Monday, January 4, 2021

Stand Mixer Giveaways - Plus Recipes for Stand Mixers!

 Why Would You Want to Win A Stand Mixer?


Would you like to win a stand mixer?
This post has links to stand mixer giveaways, as well as recipes that are better made with stand mixers.
God willing, I will be able to update this post regularly with more giveaways and recipes. If you have a stand mixer recipe you'd like to share, please leave a note in the comments below.
  1. Are you making food for a slew of people? Many seniors use their time to help others by baking up some happiness in their kitchen or the local soup kitchen like these gentlemen recently highlighted in the Chatham newspaper.
    Ralph LaBonte and Terry Shadd Cooking Kindness

    While it might be okay to mix up a muffin in a cup by hand, if you are cooking up a slew of food for a hungry crew, a stand mixer is like having an extra set of helping hands!
  2. Do you have hand problems? The vibrations from a hand mixer can be painful, so a stand mixer could bring enjoyment back to your favourite hobby.
  3. Some recipes are just too tiring to do by hand, for example, meringue. or a few of these from my Pinterest Stand mixer Recipe board.
Why would you like a stand mixer?
Please drop me a note in the comments below.
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