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Monday, January 11, 2021

Instructables Offers Posting Prizes!

 Share Your Knowledge Instructables Has Contests Open Now!

Instuctables website encourages people from around the world to share their knowledge in a wide variety of areas by frequently offering posting contests open to age 13 and up. Whether it's how to make great pizza, a paper hat, crochet a mat, or something more complex like coding, or building furniture, Instructables wants to hear from you!
Unfortunately, their contests are not open to people living in the Province of Quebec.
Have you posted a how-to on the Instructables website? Please post a note with a link in the comments below and let everyone know where we can go to check it out! Here are liks to some of the Instructalbes contests that are open at the moment:
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Instructables Contests Open January 2021

  • First Time Author Contest - Instructables Never posted on Instructables? You could win one of nineteen Amazon Giftcards worth from $10 to $1000
    Enter to Win a $10000 Amazon Gift Card

  • Share how you jazz up prepackaged meals for the Out of the Box Challenge! This can be as simple as adding meat to spaghetti sauce, or possibly adding fresh fruit or spices to cake mix. There are 19 prizes of Tango Gift Cards for this contest. The top prize is a $250 Tango Gift Card This contest ends February 1st and there are only 4 entries right now,
    Out of the Box Instructables Challenge- Enter Your Box Food Recipe Now
  • Enter the Make It Glow Contest and you could win one of 19 Gift Card prizes.The top prize in this contest is a Tango Card worth $500 USD. The Contest ends March 1st 2021. Show people how to make something that glows!  For this Instructable  they are looking for  project that includes light-emitting aspects (LEDs, light bulbs, glow-in-the-dark pigment,etc.)
    Enter the Make it Glow Contest

These are just three of the contest that Instructables has listed on their site right now. Head over to their contest page and check out all the current challenges at this link

Remember- We are created in the image of Our Creator, so it's important to be creative every day!
Have a great creative day!

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