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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Free Books, Magazines, Movies!

Love Reading or Watching Movies? Check Out Some of These Resources!

Believe it or not, there are books and magazines that are free and are shipped free too!
God willing, I will be able to update this post on a regular basis as I discover more resources. So how can you find free books Magazines and movies?
Note: Some referral links on this blog may help our writers eat when you use them. Thank you!

How to Find Free Books, Magazines and Movies

it's not easy to find free books and magazines that people are willing to ship to you. Sometimes you can find free ebooks when you look, At the bottom of this post, I have included a few links to books and magazines that people will ship free to you too.
  1. Pray - things always work better that way.
  2. When you go on a website, choose to view the items in the online shop by the selection Low to High. That is how I found a treasure trove of books and movies at Bible Gateway
  3. Watch for free bonuses tucked into your emails. Which is how I found this free ebook by Greg Laurie 

    Free Book -Bring Christ Into Your Crisis
    4. Use Swagbucks Search to look for Free Books and Magazines, then you can use the rewards you get to pick up books with the free Gift Cards you get.  If you are not on Swagbucks yet, sign up through my link and we'll each get 300SB ~$3

Free Books and Magazines Including Free Shipping

Here are a free books and magazines I have been blessed to discover that include free shipping. Watch for more to come!
do you know of free books or magazines that will ship for free to people living in Canada? Please drop me a note in the comments below,
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