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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Downsizing or Upsizing? Housing Solution Ideas for Seniors

 Rattling Around When Your Children Have Flown? 5 Tips to Enjoy Empty Nesting!

Vintage Empty Nester Banner from ArtsyBee

Once your children are grown,
It can be a bit echoey inside your home.,
This was me,
Is this you too? 
Yes, bad poetry again! Sorry!
This post has some out of the box ideas that you might try if your echo in your home is getting to you. Plus a giveaway for a home! Can you really enjoy Empty Nesting?
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5 Weird Empty Nesting Tips Plus One

  1. Get rid of the house. When my daughter left home. I cried and cried. I tried not entering her room at all, then avoided going into the house at all. I spent most of my day outside. Nothing worked, nothing I tried. Getting rid of the house took a lot of memories off my mind.
  2. Go live on a beach! I met a man on the street one day and he said he was saving his pennies to be able to actually leave Canada one day and live on a beach in the southern hemisphere, Now he thought you could collect your Canada Pension there and live more cheaply too! Check this idea out thoroughly. I'm starting to think that might be the life for me!
    Tropical Island Baech Picture by Louda

  3. Go on a mission trip! Now that you don't need your kids' permission. I'm thinking of doing that. It's a grand ambition!
  4. Foster some cats, or doggies too! The dogs might help you meet new people too!
  5. Got a great kitchen? Start your own homeless mission! Umm.... on second thought here's a warning for you. I tried this and a whole lot of CARP happened to me too. However, if you hold a black belt degree, then this might be safer for you than it was for me!
  6. Build a tiny home community like the lady in this post.
Now if you don't have a home, 
And you're getting too old to roam. 
Big Brothers and Sisters have a lottery to win a house.
Head on over and check it out!
Your $30 Ticket Can Help a Kid and You Could Win a Home!

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