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Thursday, January 21, 2021

5 Ways to find Free eBooks Plus Resource Links!

Seeking Free eBooks? Try These! 

This post has a number of free ebooks and free eBook sources that may interest you. Do you know of some more free eBooks that could be added to this list? 
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Please drop a note in the comments below before you go and let other folks know. If free ebooks are your passion, perhaps, you might like to write a post or two or even four or more. In return, you can post links to your online store. If this is you, please leave a confidential note with your contact info. 
Here is a short list of free eBook sources and a few eBook blurbs.
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Where Can You Find Free eBooks?



Here are 5 places to look for free eBooks:
  1. Get Free Ebooks from Your Local Library. More and more libraries offer free ebooks to borrow. The great thing about borrowing eBooks is some libraries have it set up that the books even return themselves when they are due. Hooray! No more overdue book fines!
  2. Read Free Ebooks with Online Book Clubs. Join an online book club and you can have fun reviewing new ebooks. Some online book clubs even offer the opportunity to win free gift cards in a daily draw, or to make money reviewing eBooks.
  3. Read Public Domain Free eBooks. Public domain eBooks are usually very old books that have been digitized by volunteers. A volunteer takes pictures of each page in a book that is now public domain and other volunteers read the photo of the page and type it out. You might even like to volunteer with a public domain eBook group.
  4. Get Free eBooks From Blogs and Websites. Frequently blogs and websites will offer you a free eBook when you sign up to receive their eNewsletter.
  5. Find Free ebooks by Searching Social Media Sites. You can search social media sites like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #freeEbooks , however, you need to be extremely careful about whom you download a free ebook from. You could be downloading a whole lot of trouble.

Free Ebook Links

Christian Free EBooks

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