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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Families Need Your Opinion!

PTPA Seeks Advisors!

Become part of the ever-growing community that is PTPA. You’ll try free products and services while sharing your feedback with other community members who value your honest opinion. You’ll also be able to receive rewards for your actions which you can then redeem in exchange for awesome products. Curious?
Suzanne Sholer Parent Tested Parent Approved VIP Rewards Points Banner

Thursday, January 21, 2021

5 Ways to find Free eBooks Plus Resource Links!

Seeking Free eBooks? Try These! 

This post has a number of free ebooks and free eBook sources that may interest you. Do you know of some more free eBooks that could be added to this list? 
Free eBook image from Pixabay

Please drop a note in the comments below before you go and let other folks know. If free ebooks are your passion, perhaps, you might like to write a post or two or even four or more. In return, you can post links to your online store. If this is you, please leave a confidential note with your contact info. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Uterine, Bladder, Kidney Ultrasound Taking Tips!

 Holding Water Tips for Nether Region Ultrasound Procedures

Facing an ultrasound that requires you to drink a litre of water? Becoming apprehensive as the date looms closer and closer? Here's a bit of bad poetry as well as a few tips that may help you get through that procedure valiantly. If you have more tips to share, please pop a note in the comments down there.
Ultasound Equipment Image by falco from Pixabay

Friday, January 15, 2021

Canadians Get $50 By Joining This CIBC Affiliated Bank!

 Could You Use Extra Money? This Bank Offers No Fee Services Plus Funds for Joining!

I have been referring friends and family to this Bank for years and been very happy with their services. What my friends and I like about this bank is how much money we save. Now, they are offering new clients an opportunity to get $50 when they sign up for a  No-Fee Chequing account. What bank am I so happy about?

Monday, January 11, 2021

Instructables Offers Posting Prizes!

 Share Your Knowledge Instructables Has Contests Open Now!

Instuctables website encourages people from around the world to share their knowledge in a wide variety of areas by frequently offering posting contests open to age 13 and up. Whether it's how to make great pizza, a paper hat, crochet a mat, or something more complex like coding, or building furniture, Instructables wants to hear from you!
Unfortunately, their contests are not open to people living in the Province of Quebec.
Have you posted a how-to on the Instructables website? Please post a note with a link in the comments below and let everyone know where we can go to check it out!

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Downsizing or Upsizing? Housing Solution Ideas for Seniors

 Rattling Around When Your Children Have Flown? 5 Tips to Enjoy Empty Nesting!

Vintage Empty Nester Banner from ArtsyBee

Once your children are grown,
It can be a bit echoey inside your home.,
This was me,
Is this you too? 
Yes, bad poetry again! Sorry!
This post has some out of the box ideas that you might try if your echo in your home is getting to you. Plus a giveaway for a home!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Free Books, Magazines, Movies!

Love Reading or Watching Movies? Check Out Some of These Resources!

Believe it or not, there are books and magazines that are free and are shipped free too!
God willing, I will be able to update this post on a regular basis as I discover more resources.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Discovering Great Canadian Rebates!

Canadian Online Shopping Rebates Platform Great Canadian Rebates Welcomes You!

Did your friend send you an email like this yet?

Monday, January 4, 2021

Discovering Sizzix -International Giveaway!

 What Could You Do With a Sizzix?

A chronically ill blogger over at HeartsandHandmade is hosting a fab international giveaway for a Sizzix.

NBA Canadian Jersey Giveaway for Young and Young at Heart!

Which is Your Fave NBA Team?

Updated January 9, 2021
Sorry this Giveaway is over.
Perhaps you'd like to try one of these others > More Giveaways

Stand Mixer Giveaways - Plus Recipes for Stand Mixers!

 Why Would You Want to Win A Stand Mixer?


Would you like to win a stand mixer?
This post has links to stand mixer giveaways, as well as recipes that are better made with stand mixers.
God willing, I will be able to update this post regularly with more giveaways and recipes. If you have a stand mixer recipe you'd like to share, please leave a note in the comments below.
  1. Are you making food for a slew of people? Many seniors use their time to help others by baking up some happiness in their kitchen or the local soup kitchen like these gentlemen recently highlighted in the Chatham newspaper.
    Ralph LaBonte and Terry Shadd Cooking Kindness

    While it might be okay to mix up a muffin in a cup by hand, if you are cooking up a slew of food for a hungry crew, a stand mixer is like having an extra set of helping hands!
  2. Do you have hand problems? The vibrations from a hand mixer can be painful, so a stand mixer could bring enjoyment back to your favourite hobby.
  3. Some recipes are just too tiring to do by hand, for example, meringue. or a few of these from my Pinterest Stand mixer Recipe board.
Why would you like a stand mixer?
Please drop me a note in the comments below.
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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Senior Grocery Savings!

Seniors Days Offer Grocery Savings

Note: Our blogposts have referral links that may help our authors eat when you use them. Thank you!
Did you know you do not need to be over 65 to get seniors' grocery discounts at all stores? Several stores offer discounts to folks who haven't managed to quite get there yet.
One store that offers "nearly seniors" discounts is Shoppers Drugmart.

Tiny Home? Tiny Village! Creating Empty Nester Retirement Income Ideas!

 Case Study - My Tiny Village Oregon

Seeking Retirement Income? Try This!
My Tiny Village Oregon started with a woman building herself a tiny home to cut down on her expenses and ecological footprint, then expanded into a grouping of tiny homes in a forested area where she hosts people looking to try out the tiny home lifestyle. 
Aerial View My Tiny Village Birdhouse- Oregon

Note: Posts on this blog may contain referral links that benefit our authors when you make purchases through them. Thank you. 
Watch  My Tiny Village on Smart Healthy Green Living streaming service for free and see how this might be a retirement income solution for you.