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Friday, December 25, 2020

Grow Your Own Herbal Medicines - Save Big!

Indoor Gardening Saves More Than Money!

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Science has proven that there are many benefits to growing food in your apartment on the window sill, or outdoors. In today's society when there are so many ways of our food supply getting contaminated on the way to us, it only makes sense to grow as much food as we can ourselves. People are becoming more aware also of the benefits of many foods that traditionally grow wild, like red clover. 
Now, you could take red clover capsules, or you could order some red clover seeds and grow your own red clover sprouts!
Red Clover Sprouts -Image from Vesey's Seeds PEI

The wonderful thing about growing sprouts is that it doesn't take long for your crop to be ready, only 2-7 days!  Plus they are fairly simple to grow. 
But where can you find seeds that are safe? 
In the past, I might have recommended going out in your backyard and grabbing some red clover blossoms, but after taking a free online course and learning how easy it is for food to become contaminated? Well, let's just say, I've changed my tune. 

Red Clover Sprout Seeds - Vesesy's Seeds PEI

Vesesy's Seeds in PEI has been in business for 80 years helping people grow good food. Vesey's has also helped thousands of non-profit organizations raise thousands of dollars over the years through bulb fundraisers. I would say they have a pretty good reputation to back them up when it comes to being a reliable source of seeds.
Today, Vesey's Seeds has its organic Red Clover Seeds on Sale 
See details for Vesesy's Organic Red Clover Seeds Red Clover Sprouts Organic - Vegetables | Veseys
Here is a video from Vesey's showing how to grow microgreens:

Do you know of another reliable source for red clover seeds?
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