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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Fitness Savings!

 Save Your Gym Membership Moolah!

Since Gyms started closing due to COVID, gym members do one of two things: give up, or persevere and find ways to exercise at home. What makes the difference between the two groups? 
Sometimes it's just about having the right motivation to get in shape. Like in this advertorial from Germany:

Motivation Makes Fit!
Want more exercise motivation?

Get Paid to Exercise!

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If love isn't that motivating for you - how about money?  Money Pantry has a list of 12 apps that will pay you to get fit, like SweatCoin which pays you for walking.

Free Online Fitness Classes

Dr. Paul Lam has some samples of Tai Chi sessions for people with arthritis and other physical ailments. 

What's Your exercise motivation?
Please drop me a note in the comments below!
Have a great motivated day!
We're all in this together and I'm praying for ya!

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