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Monday, December 28, 2020

Enter to Win $100 or a Pregnancy Prize Pack!

Expecting? Know Someone Expecting a Baby?

"Are you having a baby?" a cherubic face peered up at me. His grandmother's jaw dropped open. I could tell from the look on her face, she was aghast!  "No, sweetie," I answered laughing, "I'm just fat!" I could have added that I'm too old, but there are women who have given birth that are much older than me. I mean besides Sarah in the Bible. However, it would be a huge miracle for me to have a baby since the doctors removed everything when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer three years ago. 
Preganant Woman Image by eommina from Pixabay

If you are expecting, congratulations! You can enter to win a Pregnancy prize pack. If you aren't expecting, you can enter to win $100 by sharing this contest with expectant parents. How does this give away work?

Friday, December 25, 2020

Grow Your Own Herbal Medicines - Save Big!

Indoor Gardening Saves More Than Money!

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Science has proven that there are many benefits to growing food in your apartment on the window sill, or outdoors. In today's society when there are so many ways of our food supply getting contaminated on the way to us, it only makes sense to grow as much food as we can ourselves. People are becoming more aware also of the benefits of many foods that traditionally grow wild, like red clover. 
Now, you could take red clover capsules, or you could order some red clover seeds and grow your own red clover sprouts!
Red Clover Sprouts -Image from Vesey's Seeds PEI

The wonderful thing about growing sprouts is that it doesn't take long for your crop to be ready, only 2-7 days!  Plus they are fairly simple to grow. 
But where can you find seeds that are safe?

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Fitness Savings!

 Save Your Gym Membership Moolah!

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Since Gyms started closing due to coVID, gym members do one of two things: give up, or persevere and find ways to exercise at home. What makes the difference between the two groups? Sometimes it's just about having the right motivation to get in shape. Like in this advertorial from Germany:

Motivation Makes Fit!
want more exercisemotivation?

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Be Rewarded For Watching Videos

 InstaGC Rewards You For Watching Videos

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I just joined Insta GC as you can see from the banner above, and I'm not quite sure how everything on their dashboard works yet, but one of the most interesting things they reward participants for doing, in my opinion, is watching videos. I was very surprised to discover a delightful cooking show made in Ontario Canada called Cooking with Kimberly. Her Niagara Falls cooking show features some interesting recipes such as:
  • Holiday Clementine Spiced Iced Tea
  • Pomegranate Pavlova
  • Gluten FreeTiger Nut Short Bread 
  • Candied White Pine Needles
What I like about watching her show is that many of the recipes are closed captioned.
There are a wide variety of videos to choose from on Insta GC as well as other ways of getting points, such as completing surveys.
Once you join, you can get a referral link too and refer your friends and help them get free gift cards too.
It's free to join, so why not give it a whirl, you may discover some fascinating recipes like I did too!
Be sure to drop me a note in the comments and let me know if you join through my link.
We're all in this together, and I'm prayin' for you!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Stop Buying Lottery Tickets - Enter Free Giveaways!

 How Much Do You Spend on Lottery Tickets?

Note: Posts on Canadian Senior Savings have referral links that help me eat and find a place to live.

True, if you're not in, you can't win, but the same holds true for free online Giveaways. While few online Giveaways have a huge Grand prize, the odds of winning smaller giveaways are much greater.  If you live in some states or the province of Quebec, you may have some difficulty finding Giveaways that you can enter.

Watch this post to be updated with links to Giveaways that you can enter.

Giveaways Open Worldwide

I believe the following giveaways are open worldwide, but please read the rules yourself. I apologize for any errors I make.

Free Chapman's Ice Cream!

 Love Chapmans Ice Cream?

Each year Chapman's Ice Cream posts a free coupon on their website near the end of the year. This year the Ice Cream coupon is worth $4.
Get Your Free $4 Chapman's Ice Cream Coupon by Email

Get your free coupon by filling out the form on the Chapman's Ice Cream website.

We're all in this together and I'm prayin' for ya!

Make a $65 Bonus Being a Door Dasher - Only One Delivery Needed!

 Need Cash? Door Dash!

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I'm sixty and weak and ill, but still I'm signing up to be a door dasher so I can get a $65 Bonus when I complete my first delivery. You can too! How?

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Canadian Financial Savings -Save Your Banking Fees!

 Seeking Financial Savings?

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Many banks offer a number of perks for seniors once they are 65 or better. It can pay to shop around for financial savings each year.  
I have been using Simplii Financial for years and it has saved me a tonne of money. Right now, when you sign up to Simplii Financial using my link, you can get  $50 free! Plus you could get up to $500 each year for referring others to Simplii Financial too!
Have a great day!
We're all in this together and I'm praying for you!